Systinct is full of features not found in any other single system.
Developed over many years to replace many single applications with one solution that has everything in a single interface.

Systinct has a vast array of features to fully automate your clubs day to day operations including automatic members signup, members self manage portal, invoicing, expenses, financials, event management and much more.

CRM & Members Management (Customer Relationship Management)
Customer relationship management (CRM) program organises contacts into four groups.
1. Members,
2. Suppliers,
3. Sponsors and
4. Families
Contacts are linked to a Family that they may be associated with

Direct Message
It is within each contact's file that communication by email, SMS and notes are transmitted and recorded.

Sales Tracking
Sales history including unpaid invoices are recorded in Contact Account

Contact Document Upload
Documents pertinent to a contact are easily uploaded to and stored in a contacts file.

Access Control
There are five levels of access, from management who have full access to other staff who are granted access by the manager according to their job requirements.
Invoicing & Auto Overdue Alerts
Invoice Generation
1. Create and edit invoice,
2. recall invoice (invoice history),
3. View invoice
4. Delivery process integrated.

Invoice Tracking
If an invoice is overdue, there are three automatic late notices sent that are immediately evident. At all times the situation is clear as to the current status of an invoice.

Invoice Read Alert
You are notified if and when an email containing an invoice is opened and read.

Automatic Invoice Reminders
The arrears reminder system triggers when an invoice is overdue, and an email to the customer generates.

Integrated with Members & Sponsors Signup
Communications with your client/members and suppliers or Dealers by email or SMS notes of phone calls are conveniently recorded right there in the necessary file for permanent reference.

Integrated Email & SMS
Communications with your client/members and suppliers or Dealers by email or SMS notes of phone calls are conveniently recorded right there in the necessary file for permanent reference.
Product Management
Stock control is integrated with invoicing and online E-commerce.

All aspects of stock control are located at the one convenient point. All listings in an online shop are drawn from this one convenient control point, which is integrated with invoicing shopping cart. Documents and images, dealers, events and the straightforward bookkeeping program.

Discounts, special offers, serial numbers location & product images are located here. Product Bulk Editing
A single edit can be applied to all the same stock if required.

Product Inventory
A complete and accurate stocktake is a simple process.

Product Inbound Shipping/Tracking
Products in transit are managed and smoothly entered into inventory when received.

Australia Post Integration
Systinct is integrated with Australia Post. If a sold product can be shipped by Australia Post, the calculation is automatic and the shopping cart deals with it entirely.

Multi Category for Website Integration
Systinct handles any item that may be represented in two categories.
EG a mattress may be in "Double Beds" and "orthopaedic" in the online shop.

Google Merchant Integration
The shopping cart is integrated with Google Merchant should that be a system of marketing used.

Barcoding and QR Code
The stock is easily labelled in several ways which include QR code and/or barcode assisting visual management of inventory or assets.

Retail/wholesale price Calculator
An elementary app calculates Retail & Wholesale prices.

Various methods of discount are recorded on the product listing that affect the online shop's Shopping Cart.
Document & Image Management
Drag n Drop Upload
Easy file upload by drag N drop to the window

Familiar File Structure
Integrates with Project Management dynamic documents.
Document can be shared with certain members

Document Allocation
Document can be shared with certain members as required.

Web Document
Online Document and Image storage
Members Module
Members Portal
New members and renewals sign up to a club and pay fees using PC Tablet or smartphone.
Personal details are recorded completing club requirements.
They receive login details and can print an ID card.
Access to events and restricted areas and troublesome members are managed.

Members Forum
The member's forum is where a club member can engage with other club members on any current topic or start a new topic.

Exception Reporting
Should members make errors when they input their details in signing up, the system performs an exception report for management to audit.

Family Relationship Management
Members can be individuals or whole families.
Calendar & Diary
Auto Invoice & Sale Entries
Automatic entries for sales, deliveries and critical event

Notes & Reminders
Communications that require follow-up are easily resubmitted. When first opening Systinct, 'Diary' flashes red if there is an active reminder that needs your attention.
The diary is viewed in a calendar format where reminders appear as live links.
Deliveries Management
Deliveries (integrated with Invoice & Shopping Cart)
When a sale is processed, and payment is confirmed a picking list is produced for a warehouseman to dispatch the item sold.

Deliveries Checklist & Administration
Movement of stock is managed by warehouse staff and delivery history is searchable.
Financials Module
Financials Summary
A complete set of books are automatically created when you receive income and pay expenses, without further effort.
All reports such as a P&L and Bank reconciliation in one report are instantly available to your accountant. Hands off bookkeeping!
Expenses Module
Receipt/Invoice Upload/Associate
Payments organised according to type and uploading the invoice to the transaction is simple..

Auto Reoccurring Expense Entry
Should an expense reoccur regularly such as a monthly lease payment on a set schedule, processing can be automatic.
Much processing is so avoided saving you data input.

Expense Grouping/Print/Update
Grouping of expenses facilitates your accountant's work. They can inspect it if required.
Searching for a transaction is easy

Expense Prepayment Entry
Staff can prepare a list of expenses for presentation to management for approval and bulk payment.
Communications Module
Email From System
All recorded in client/member dealer file

Newsletter List Generator
You can choose which client/member category you want to receive a group email or newsletter.

Mailchimp Integration
Print your Letter to PDF or email.

Bulk SMS
An SMS can be sent to an individual contact or any contact group or subcategory that may be created.

The SMS is recorded in the contacts file.

The webmail system Smartermail links to Systinct and provides access into webmail from the Systinct Platform.
Event Management
Event Signup
If your club wants to stage a major event, then registration of competitors or entrants is done online without the involvement of club staff and volunteers.
The recording of personal particulars and payment is taken care of.
Competitors and entrants are set up as temporary club members with their own portal to maintain contact.

Event Task Allocation & Tracking
All the tasks associated with organising an event are supervised by the club management team.
Jobs are issued and automatically followed up promptly ensuring an event runs smoothly.

Event Shopping Cart
Tickets to the event together with merchandise are sold, and all the bookkeeping associated with the transaction is done for you.
Project Management
Project Tracking
This module is used for anything from managing a construction project to writing an instruction manual.

Project Documents & Repository
Integration with Documents and Images.

Project Tasks Allocation & Tracking
The many and various contractors are managed for all the various jobs associated with a large project.

Image Editing/Drawing Function
Photos naturally form part of managing a project.
These can be edited live online.
Shopping Cart Module
Built-in Shopping Cart
If your business or club sell products or services online, you are fully set up.
When sales are processed the inventory is altered, and the transaction is registered in the receipts side of the ledger.
It is almost hands off bookkeeping.

Customer Login & Invoice History
Invoice / sales history available from client portal

Product Category Breakdown
A product can appear in two categories in the online shop.
(EG. Yogurt can feature in Dairy and health food sections of your online shop)
Committee Module
Committee Items Tracking/Entry
A committee meeting streamlines beyond the meeting, enhancing management control.
Follow up of matters allocated to staff or volunteers is automatic.

Item Allocation
Should someone be directed to perform a task at a meeting, they have it confirmed by email, and a reminder is sent shortly before the deadline.

Approval Process
Matters that require approval such as a quote for the supply of goods or service cannot proceed without the appropriate authority.
Staff Module (HR)
Staff Hours & Timesheet
Staff files are only accessible by the staff member and the appropriate administrator.
Hours worked are easily recorded by staff and then verified by a manager.
Holidays sick days and superannuation calculates for you.
A pay slip is easily printed, and group certificates are prepared when required.
Admin User Tracking
For audit purposes, a manager can monitor other's activity on the system for security.

Instance Customisation
The system can be customised to suit everyone's unique requirements.

Automatic Upgrades
The development team is continually working to upgrade the system to add new features and stay abreast of the latest offerings of technology. Regular upgrades happen seamlessly to improve the service to you.
Volunteer Management
Hours tracking
Volunteers often associated with Club operations are included in a Clubs version of Systinct.
Their efforts are recorded as a means of compensation that a committee may deem fit. The record is not a measure of money.

Volunteer Signup (Members Module)
A member can become a volunteer from their own portal.
Sponsors Module
Sponsors Portal
All functions of the Members portal is available to Dealers Sponsors and Suppliers.
Dealers Module
Dealers Signup/Application
If your business has a dealer network then maintaining those relationships is fully catered for.

Dealer Signups
The process of applying for a dealership and approval is managed entirely online

Dealer Shop
Dealers can securely access a separate site where wholesale prices are displayed
Suppliers Module
Linked to Key Modules
The supplier's relationship is managed identically to clients and Dealers, synchronising with invoicing communications, and documents etc.

Financial Tracking
All purchases from suppliers are tracked via the expenses module.
Website Landing Page
Create and Manage Web Presence
The club or business has a public web page which is your focal point on the internet.

Optimised and SEO Ready
Being Google friendly is critical when the website is created.

Custom CSS Entry
Our websites are easy to maintain and update.
They have faster download times and search engine optimisation benefits.
(When combined with ADBX system for multi page sites).
Virtual Assistant
Although the whole programme is intuitive, there are several methods of onscreen help:-
1. The Virtual Assistant opens from any section to provide help and links to relevant information.
2. The Assistant also includes video help for some of the more detailed areas.
3. There is a small question mark next to some features. If you hold your mouse an explanation of the feature appears.
Security Module
Systinct is designed and built to be as safe from hacking as current technology will permit.
It is hosted on one of the safest servers in the world giving you peace of mind knowing your business or club is protected.
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