Members Signup Lessons Learnt

The member's signup is key to any club, and the smoother you can make the process while capturing the right information is critical.

Often you will need to know information about the member to help you with the club management; this can include things such as car registration, equipment used and emergency contacts.

When you are working out what information you need to capture, try and get what you would consider being the most important from the beginning during the signup process, as it is much harder to get it from the members at a later date.

Many clubs would also like to find out information such as skill sets for volunteering, affiliated organisations and photos.

Adding members into a spreadsheet or using a paper-based system is cumbersome and often leads to entry errors, if you have a club with more than a few members than your signup process should be automated. Provision should be made during that signup process to capture the information your club needs, and functions to ensure critical data is accurate - i.e. email check, validation codes etc.

One other consideration is a self-managed members portal that allows your clubs members to update their information, access invoices, photos and more from a single login. Not burying your club admin team in updates and corrections is the helpful outcome.

Members Signup Lessons Learnt
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