Systinct Features

Systinct Introduction

Systinct is an online booking and management system full of features not found in any other single system.
Developed over many years to replace multiple applications with a single solution.

Systinct is a one stop solution that allows you to automate the booking and customer management of your club or business. The system caters for your insurance obligations and records the required information.
Contact Tracing and Reporting is built in as a standard feature.
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Contact Tracing

All people on site are registered, searchable and an excel download is available to provide as required for Contact Tracing.
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QR Code Check In

Systinct makes the entire booking through to check in contactless.
After making a booking and payment, customers are provided with a QR code they can print or display on their mobile for contactless check in.
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Customised For Your Club

Systinct's Entry is customised to suit your club, with Members Portal, Members Signup, Club Status and Member Management.
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Automated Signup Process

User's can quickly and easily book in for day passes, overnight visits with site bookings and depending on your clubs requirements Systinct can be configured for membership over time.

Systinct handles your clubs rules such as Products presented by age, Maximum Numbers on the grounds, Camp Site Capacities, Contactless Signup and Administration, Credit Vouchers, Spectators, and discounts by product combination selection.
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Our Administration and Members Portal are secured by google, along with automated forced entry detection and permanent access blocking.

This ensures the system is not open to repeated attacks, information is shared across all instances, so an attempt on one system will block the offender on all systems.
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Administration Workspace

System and Club administrators can manage online bookings via a simple interface that provides all the tools in one location.

The Workspace connects to all key areas of Systinct for ease of use.
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Invoicing & Editing

While Systinct is an automated booking system, from time to time you may need to edit bookings, the invoice editing system allows you to change bookings and add or remove products as required.

Just some of these features Include registering payments at reception upon arrival, recording of multipule payment types, adding additional products and services, Changing or reallocation of sites, discounts and more.

Customers can also be blocked from further registration until the invoice is paid which caters for clean up fees, damage or unpaid charges.

Invoices can be sent directly to the customer for payment via the online payment gateway.
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Cancel Bookings By Day

Systinct makes it easy to cancel an entire day of bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.

Administrators can select a date and automatically cancel all the bookings or select only some of the bookings.

An SMS and Email alert with custom message is sent to each booking owner and Systinct then credits each customers account with value in a voucher that can be used in later bookings.
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Site Bookings Overview

Systinct provides a view site bookings by date range, to show the status of your Booked Sites, including expected entry and exit times by visitors, blocked sites and manual bookings.

Each site is linked to their respective invoice and displays linked bookings sharing sites.
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Built into Systinct is a CRM system that allows admin to track customers history, sales, relationships, contact information and much more.

All customers activity is tracked during the signup process so issues arising from customer error during signup can be quickly identified and resolved.
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Product Management

Systinct includes an extensive lineup of product management tools, these allow you to allocate signup products, combinations, price adjustments, and even resale items from your shop.

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Club Briefing Online

You have the option of putting in your club briefing via an online video into the signup process, you can even add questions to confirm the member has watched the video.

This forms part of the signup process if added and is shown for the inital person and all other people added to the booking.
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Online Waiver

The online waiver system allows for you to use it in 3 different ways:
- During inital signup, waver downloaded and accepted (once of)
- During booking, waiver signed each person each booking
- During Check in, online waiver can be done on an ipad

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Member Card

Built into the system is a printable members card.
This prints to A4 in credit card sized format, it can be printed by the member and laminated as required.

The Member card includes a programmable QR code to check in, or any other purpose you might wish to automate.

The card also integrates with the 3 strike system for manually recording the strikes via a hole punch on the card itself.
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3 Strike Option

This option when turned on records any member issues.
Administration can update the members status so that it is reflected to the member during signup, in the members portal and during check in.

Each time a member breaks the club rules this can be recorded with a reason, then once 3 strikes are reached the member is banned from bookings.

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Gift Certificates & Vouchers

There are two options for our vouchers, the first is to anyone who may or not be a member and requires a code to be entered during signup to redeem.

The other option is voucher credits that can be put on any members account and the value of the voucher will automatically appear during signup for selection. No Code is required to redeem.
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Member Documents

All documents relating to each members are stored in the members repository, These documents are also available to the members from the members portal.

Each time a waiver or incident report is recorded, it is date stamped and put into the members documents section.
Systinct Details and Contacts
Toowoomba HQ
Systinct Toowoomba
Head Office
0432 763 300
Gold Coast
Systinct Toowoomba
James Jones
0432 763 300
Systinct is proudly made in Australia
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