Working with Your Volunteers, Lessons Learnt

Volunteers are the lifeblood for most clubs, and they rely upon them for everyday club operation.

Along with this are special club days where volunteers are asked to help out with working bees or to volunteer for events.

You should have a policy prearranged to deal with this to avoid issues later from members who volunteer regularly and continue to do so.

Many volunteers can easily be burnt out, and clubs often use the same volunteers time and time again, which quickly leads to those key people giving up and taking a wealth of experience with them.

One should plan for your volunteers in advance, giving a clear incentive, so they continue to feel valued. Awarding membership discount or other forms of compensation can work in this case.

It also helps to record the days that your volunteers contribute, and ask during the signup process if members are willing to volunteer. Systinct handles this automatically and streamlines your administration, giving you a database of volunteers to draw upon as your club needs them.

Just be sure to share the workload and encourage new members to become involved in your club by rotating roles which helps to prevent volunteer groups becoming "clicky".

Volunteers Management Lessons Learnt
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