dataNdesigns Case Study

DataNdesigns is a web application development business that caters for application design, websites and business setup consultation.

Initially, Systinct was used to handling invoicing to dataNdesigns clients, and this has quickly grown into a full business operating system that now handles all of their day to day operations. DataNdesigns have used Systinct since 2015.

The most significant impact has come from the automatic overdue invoice module that alerts both dataNdesigns admin team and the client their invoice is unpaid. This automatic process takes out the hardship of following up outstanding money and provides an intuitive way to prompt client payment.

The financials module makes the end of year returns quick and straightforward. It means that dataNdesigns accountant can sign into the system to complete their work.

Some of the most commonly used modules include:

- Invoicing
- Client Management
- Receipting
- Product Management
- Newsletters via MailChimp Integration
- Expenses and Reoccurring Expenses
- Project Management
- Document Management
- Direct Contact Messaging
- Suppliers
- Overdue Invoice Alerts

" The Systinct Business System has fully automated our CRM, Invoicing, Expenses and Products.
We know how much our clients have spent, what they owe and where our business is positioned.
End of Year is now as simple as clicking print."

- Jen, dataNdesigns

dataNdesigns Using Systinct Club Management Software
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